A Brief Guide to Spray Foam Insulation Cost and Benefits

Insulating our homes is a necessity to properly regulate moisture and air. Poor insulation can make a home too hot and even lead to deterioration of the house’s materials.

For some, the costs of hiring spray insulation contractors are too much. Is spray foam insulation worth it despite the sometimes steep spray foam insulation cost? How much do they really cost?

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How Much does Hiring Spray Insulation Contractors Cost?

Many factors affect the cost of hiring spray insulation contractors including but not limited to the type of insulation you’re going to install and the fee of the contractor you’re going to hire.

Spray foams come in two general types: open-cell and closed-cell spray foams. Open-cell spray foams like Icynene are usually more affordable at around $0.44 to $0.65 per board foot than closed-cell foams which cost around $1 to $1.50 per board foot. However, why are closed-cell foams more expensive than open-cell foams?

The main reasons are the differences in densities and moisture permeability. Closed-cell foam is a moisture vapor barrier, which means that no moisture can pass through the foam. Closed-cell foam is also a higher density foam, with densities ranging from 1.7 lbs to 2lb. Open-cell foams have 0.5 lbs to 0.7 lbs densities.

Spray insulation contractors also have varying rates. There are foam installation companies that charge a bit higher, and there are those that have lower rates. You must know that you should not base your decision on their rates alone. More experienced installers may charge higher, but you will definitely get the best results and thus the best return on your investment.

Cost of Foam Insulation for Roof Panels

The cost of foam insulation for roof panels depends on the type of roof you have and the materials you will use. Installing spray foams on a sloped roof is trickier and will likely cost more than installing spray foams on flat roofs. Also, thicker boards will cost more, so if you want to increase your R-value, be prepared to pay more.

Just a quick note on roof panel foam insulation: It’s not advisable to use close-cell insulators on wooden roof decks. Closed-cell foams will not absorb moisture, so moisture will accumulate in the roof’s wood decking, causing the roof to rot and develop leaks. Consult with spray insulation contractors on which materials are best to use for your roof panels.

Is Spray Foam Insulation Worth It?

The primary reason for insulating with spray foam is to save energy. Studies by the US Department of Energy show that installing spray foams leads to the reduction of energy consumption by as much as 40%. This is because of the air infiltration through walls, doorways, and windows.

Spray foam boards perform 50% better and are more energy efficient than other traditional insulation materials. Properly installed spray foam protects your house against mildew, harmful mold, and wood rotting.

So is spray foam insulation worth it? You bet!

Don’ be Deterred by Spray foam Insulation Cost

Spray foam insulation cost varies, and yes, sometimes it can add up. However, the return on your investment in terms of the energy you’re going to save is more than enough to recover the loss. Spray foam boards are one of the best materials for insulating your home. Get yours now for a more energy-efficient and comfortable home!