Benefits of removing popcorn-stucco/asbestos/cottage cheese ceilings in Toronto

Are you still living with popcorn ceiling throughout your house? They used to be thought of as a nice way to constructing ceilings because of their strong and bright characteristics. They were also great at dampening noises from bouncing around and leaking out of rooms.

Sadly, there are multiple disadvantages to having this stuff in your home. Be sure you find a good contractor to take of all the popcorn ceiling removal in your home to protect you and your family, whilst upgrading the look of your home.

The benefits to getting rid of popcorn ceiling.


Honestly, popcorn ceiling is down right ugly to look at. It has a jagged texture which many compare to living in a cave. There are multiple way to create a nice sound dampener when you remove the texture, so that shouldn’t be an excuse to not get rid of it. The texture of the popcorn ceiling, makes them difficult to restructure and as well as paint over. If you like to try new colours every so often, it may be advised to get rid of the popcorn ceiling, as it will make things difficult for you.

Value of your home increases

New home buyers are very wary when looking to purchase a home that has popcorn ceiling. Though some textured popcorn ceilings don’t have asbestos in them, a lot of people aren’t into risking the potential. By removing the popcorn ceiling, you increase the value of your home whilst keeping the option of a possible future sale more open and easier.


This hazardous stuff was used extensively during the eighties in popcorn ceilings. If you have the slightest concerns that your popcorn ceiling does contain asbestos, it’s recommended to sample it and check to see if it does. If It does, then you don’t want to subject yourself to the respiratory problems that it can inflict and get it removed by professionals as soon as possible. If even a piece of contaminated popcorn ceiling breads off, the asbestos can possible be inhaled and can seriously hurt someone. Be sure take out this potential hazard and feel comfortable being in your home.

It has been banned

The truth is you don’t want to have a material in your home that has been banned. It has been banned by the government and for good reason. The problem is that some companies were exempt from this ban due to economic strains it would inflict if they went out of business. For this reason, many houses have the asbestos in the popcorn ceiling that was installed. It is most likely that you can one day get into some trouble for just having the asbestos popcorn ceiling in your house. The good thing is that you can be pro-active , and have it removed properly by professionals. There can be a multitude of problems that can arise from having the ceilings from lawsuits to personal health being jeopardised. Call your local contractor and look to have them removed.

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